What Should I Do?

Is this how it feels like to be let go by someone you needed to hold on to you? You watch as he looks at her the way he used to look at you You watch as he touches her exactly how he used to touch you You watch how he laughs in a way… Continue reading What Should I Do?


Things I’m good at

I’m good at making comfort words sound sad I’m good at pretending it’s okay I’m good at keeping a smile on my face I’m good at taking in others’ pain until it becomes mine I’m good at drifting away from loved ones I’m good at falling apart in silence I’m good at crying myself to… Continue reading Things I’m good at

There’s more to life than the guy in your past

There's more to life than your date nights and the pictures you took of each other. There's more to life than what was said the night you broke up. There's more to life than those eyes you used to lose yourself in. There's more to you than the girl who believed he was forever. Remember… Continue reading There’s more to life than the guy in your past


Self, you're awesome. You've got a mind on the verge of imploding, dread of the future, all-time low self-esteem, iceberg-size frustrations, never-ending financial problems, insecurities, enemies, anxieties, failures, regrets, doubts, fears, pain... but see, even with all those, you're doing really well. You go to sleep every night, wake up in the morning, breeze through… Continue reading Reminder